Saturday, January 28, 2006

I hope this works...

Hello...? Testing... One, two, three... Is this thing on...?

Ah, there we go...

So, hello everybody, and welcome to tonight's meeting of Alcoho... I mean the Kili 5. Thanks to Andy for organising this and to Steve for mixing the drinks. I'm very excited to be here tonight amongst such a special group of people, especially since I'm a very inexperienced climber, yet you're letting me tag along. I hope we can make the most of this blog to share tips and experiences, to get to know each other and prepare together for this experience of a lifetime. Don't be shy - we want to hear from all of you...

So without further ado, please welcome our next speaker of the evening!


Blogger Andrew said...

Est - thanks for your 1st Kili 5/50 Blog post!
This is going to be an amazing experience (the year's preparation AND the trek itself) so send the Blog link to all of your contacts and let's get some interactive message posting from anyone who has any comments, abuse, advice, sponsorship to throw our way

1:48 PM  

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