Sunday, February 19, 2006


I mentioned earlier on how I was flummoxed by the huge number of choices to make once I'd decided to CELEBRATE my 50th by strolling up Kilimanjaro
One of the toughest was the choice of trekking company, or outfitter as they're called for some unknown esoteric haute couturish sort of reason
High risk strategy: sign up a local guide and porters in downtown Moshi or Arusha on arrival in Tanzania
Sensible option: prebook a UK or international operator
Choices: overwhelming
Decision: Explore!
So far so good...Fran Hughes, the group organiser, has been great. We started talking about a larger private group but when a push came to a show me the money shove we were left with The Kili 5. So we've joined Explore's February 23 2007 departure, a maximum of 16, coughed up our deposits, have (sort of) started training and look forward to meeting up with the rest of the team for this incredible experience in just over a year's time
Here's the summary of the Machame trek that we've opted for, and here's Explore's excellent dossier detailing each scary day and very long list of equipment and other considerations
They have kindly offered to include a mention of this blog in their great e-newsletter to help with the fundraising effort for World Vision...£1,300 so far on the way to the challenging £25,000 target. Every contribution gratefully's why World Vision, more details about sponsorship options and where your money will go, and how to CONTRIBUTE ONLINE NOW
And congratulations to Explore on their recent success of being voted as best travel website by readers of Wanderlust magazine...which by the way is the best thing out there for independent travel articles, advice and photos, I reckon
Explore...a metaphor for life and a great name for an adventure travel company. Stay tuned to keep in touch with our progress towards Kili 2007
Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness
Mark Twain


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