Thursday, February 23, 2006

A year and counting.....

February 23. A year from today The Kili 5 will be jumping on a BA flight bound for Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro airport via Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

Seems like plenty of time, right? But just think back to what you were doing on February 23, 2005.....and you'll realise how quickly 12 months can disappear.

What's to do?

  • Climb Mount Snowdon - scheduled for the May Day bank holiday as a bit of light training and also the first time The Kili 5 will have all met up
  • Raise £25,000 for World Vision....£1,376 down and £23,624 to go
  • Remember to leave some headspace for normal life - this whole Kili thing is already beginning to take over my life
  • Nearer the time get kitted out. Gill and I did impulse buy summit assault balaclavas in the Milton Keynes snowdome on Tuesday...and no, we weren't anywhere near the Securitas depot in Kent on Wednesday. Honest, guv

Other than that I think we're there...piece of cake, eh?


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