Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Amazing Hursts

I wrote a couple of months ago about an amazing offer from our very good friends Simon & Christine Hurst: for their 25th wedding anniversary party they asked everyone to make a donation to World Vision, rather than give them personal presents. See, I told you it was amazing. And generous, and selfless, and not a little humbling.
Well, the party was last night at their beautiful home in Sussex. 50+ people came to a great barbecue, ate mountainously, drank copiously, enjoyed Simon's eclectic music selection, marvelled at Christine's impressive garden make-over and generally celebrated their silver wedding in suitable style.
Simon had also rigged up a nostalgic continuous film show on a wide-screen TV, with photos from scarily hirsute university days, that fateful day on 12th September 1981 and many memorable occasions in their life during the intervening 25 years. (Quite glad you've lost the beard somewhere along the way, Simon).
Their son Alex and his friends were excellent bar stewards throughout the evening, and daughter Clare and her friend Renee press-ganged everyone on arrival to cough up for the raffle. A great team effort, with help from friends, neighbours, Christine's sister Pauline and her husband Richard with the huge amount of preparation needed to make it all happen so successfully.
So far their generous idea has raised £249.24 for World Vision, with hopefully more online donations to come from people who were cajoled into taking away a note of this blog address and a steer to the online charity site linked on the right hand side of this article: Sponsor us here.
I'll update the total later this week and see if my camera upload thingy is working so that I can add some photographic flavour to the words in this article.
For now a huge thank you to everyone involved with the party, to anyone who donated and especially to Simon & Christine for their truly generous and thoughtful inspiration. A simple bowl inscribed by everyone last night is hopefully a very small memento of a great party and something to look back on over the next 25 years.
Happy Anniversary on Tuesday!
(if you were at the party and have got this far without falling asleep please feel free to post a comment by clicking on the comments link at the end of the article)


Anonymous Simon and Christine said...

Our thanks to Andrew and Gill - and the rest of the team - for giving us the opportunity to contribute as part of our anniversary celebrations. Our thanks also to all our friends and relations who came to the party and donated so generously (not that the raffle ticket sellers gave them much choice!) Thanks as well to all those who lent us things and helped us in the days and hours leading up to the party, and on the night itelf.

5:23 PM  

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