Tuesday, May 16, 2006

World Vision PR machine revs up....and The Amazing Hursts

The Kili50 fundraising efforts have stalled a bit recently...no excuses, other than work commitments and a pause for breath after the initial surge of enthusiasm! Still, we're up to £1,700 on the challenging road to £25,000 but hopefully it will become a little easier to harangue family, friends and colleagues as the Kili50 attempt gets nearer.

World Vision's PR machine is also revving up, so awareness of the fundraising effort should be gaining a wider audience. Many thanks to Sophia Mwangi at World Vision for putting together and distributing the press releases. Here are a few selected extracts from the finance version sent out to various publications in an effort to piggyback on my Motley Fool connection:
Motley Fool’s Money Man needs £25,000

The Motley Fool UK’s Chief Financial Officer, Andrew Morris, is calling on colleagues in the finance world to sponsor him and his team ‘The Kili 5’ as they attempt to climb Africa’s highest peak Kilimanjaro next February and in the process raise £25,000 for international relief and development agency World Vision’s work in Tanzania.

The Kili 5, which includes Andrew’s wife, Gill, nephew Steven, colleague Jon and Jon’s girlfriend Esther, successfully climbed Mount Snowdon recently in preparation. Between now and February they hope to recruit as many sponsors as possible. ‘I’ve set an ambitious target. So far I’ve raised £1,600 but with nine months still to go, I think some people are holding back until nearer the climb date,’ says Andrew. ‘The sooner anyone can commit to sponsorship the quicker World Vision can channel funds through to the projects in Tanzania,’ he continues.
Andrew, from Surrey, turns 50 next year and felt he needed a fresh challenge to mark this significant anniversary, ‘It’s great to have a target to aim at rather than meander through life. I’m also proving to myself that being on the cusp of 50 doesn’t mean that I’m ready for the pipe and Zimmer frame just yet.’
The press release has already been picked up by Southern Counties Radio and I'll hopefully be appearing - live! - on the breakfast show at 06:50 next Tuesday, 23rd May. Not sure how many listeners are actually tuned in at that unhealthily early time but it's a very welcome opportunity, and might lead to a regular series of updates and even possibly an audio diary. Watch this space.
Separately, and amazingly, some very old and good friends - Simon & Christine Hurst - have come up with a humbling suggestion. It's their 25th Wedding Anniversary in September this year and they have dreamed up the incredibly generous and selfless idea that they will ask their family and friends to donate to World Vision for the Kili50 cause, rather than give them personal presents.
How great is that! I'm really grateful to them both for the idea, especially as after being their Best Man way back in the history of 1981 we drifted apart a little, thanks to geography, dark-and-stormies, and my lack of communication skills. Again, stay tuned to this blog to see how the Hurst Silver Wedding party turns out.....
£1,700 to £25,000 is a big step but I'm determined to get there before we head for Kili in February next year. Thanks to the fantastic support of people like Sophia, Simon & Christine I'm sure we'll make it.
Please donate by clicking on this link at any time...or on the link on the right hand side. Thanks!


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