Thursday, May 11, 2006

A learning experience...part 2

With thanks to Mrs M for her inaugural post on my 49th birthday yesterday, and with shameless plagiarism of Esther's great post-Snowdon feedback, here are a few random things that I've discovered in 49 years and a day.....
1. I'm older than I ever thought I would be, but feel younger than I really am
2. With or without Wayne's metatarsal problem we won't repeat 1966
3. It's definitely better to travel than to arrive
4. Spurs are destined never to beat Arsenal again while I'm still alive
5. There is nothing to compare with a good curry
6. It's not just wistful nostalgia...England is falling apart in front of our eyes
7. Work is a necessity, not a pleasure
8. You really do need to carpe diem, grasp the nettle, Go For It before it's too late
9. John Prescott is a complete waste of space. Just like every other politician
10.I haven't discovered much in 49 years and a day


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