Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Kili 5 do Wales

The Kili 5 are finally meeting up. We're off to Wales for a bit of light training over the May Day bank holiday. At 3,580 feet high Mount Snowdon is some way short of Kili's 19,710....but about right for our current early stages of fitness (translates as: we're all really struggling with this motivation thing and a few thousand feet of Wales is going to push us to the limit)

No worries - just under a year to go to, by which time we'll all be finely tuned, like Thierry Henry on steroids
We're staying in a little B&B a few miles from Snowdon. We'll have a cholesterol special fry-up to see us on the way and a stream of goodies to munch and guzzle throughout the climb, followed by a bonding dinner and a few pints. Sounds healthy, eh? Well, I've always subscribed to the effort and reward philosophy

We'll try and post an audio-blog from the top of Snowdon - if we make it - so stay tuned as the Kili 5 take their first tentative steps en route to Kilimanjaro in February 2007


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