Sunday, October 15, 2006

Shere delight in the Surrey Hills

The Kili 6 have just returned from an epic training weekend in the Surrey Hills. 40+ miles of glorious gruelling yomping from our Godalming doorstep on Friday lunchtime to a footsore, but elated, return this afternoon, via Shamley Green, Shere and every hill and village in between.
Hopefully everyone will contribute their own words, photos and thoughts but here are my immediate stream-of-consciousness scribblings, before the effects of exhaustion and age really kick in for the night....
Expertly planned by Mrs M, the route was a wonderful assortment of terrain - ancient woodland, open farmland, rolling hills, sandy heathland, idyllic villages, rambling estates, chocolate box cottages and welcoming hostelries - that should have appealed to everyone.
Champagne moment? The village of Shere, the Rookery Nook B&B and the generosity of its owners, Chris & Jill Capstick. OK, so that's sort of 3 bubbly moments, but it was an intoxicating place. Their home is delightful and you can imagine what sort of people Chris & Jill are, simply by the fact that they knocked quite a few quid off the bill this morning to donate to the World Vision cause being espoused by the Kili50 escapade. I can't recommend this haven of tranquillity, and their hospitality and kindness, highly enough - go....and go soon, before the tourist hordes descend on the village when the movie The Holiday is released in the next few weeks.
Brown ale moment? The mildew-ridden cobweb-shrouded pygmy-sized bathroom at a certain tavern in the middle of Shamley Green. Or Steve's snoring after yet another hamburger fest...and he wasn't even in the same room.
Lots more thoughts and awards to follow after a good night's long as I don't dream of Emma's ghost at The White Horse in Shere, Jeff The Chef's baked bean mountain in Shamley Green, or Jon's punitive punning punditry.
Thanks to the rest of the The Kili 6 gang - Mrs M, Steve, Esther, Jon & Neil for a truly rewarding training trip in the Surrey Hills. Only 4 months to go to The Real Thing...think we're going to make it?


Blogger Neil said...

'Shere delights' Andy? that's a Kuoation pun if ever I've heard one.

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