Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ding ding.....2 month warning bell

Festive greetings to The Kili 6....and as we stuff our faces with that 16th mince pie and 2nd litre of sherry, ponder this: 2 months from today (assuming it's fog-free) we'll be jetting off to Tanzania to do battle with Mount Kilimanjaro.
I've decided on my festive strategy. Normal over-indulgence for 2-3 days (or maybe 23 days?) will add several kilos of excess baggage, then from January 1st it's SERIOUS detox and exercise to be the fittest I'll have been in the last 20 years. Ready for everything the mountain can throw at us...and just hopeful that the dreaded Altitude Sickness doesn't undo all that preparation and peak ambition.
Sponsored walk in Godalming on 29th December, daily hypoxic chamber sessions at the third space in the New Year, and a fundraising 5-a-side footie-fest in late January or early February (watch this space for more info) - that, a few pricks, a flowing urinary tract and a following wind, and I'll trust all else to nature and The Big Man Upstairs.
Happy Christmas everyone and I think we all know it's going to be a very special start to 2007.


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