Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sponsored Walk - Friday 29th December

OK, you're completely stuffed with the usual festive fare, you really can't force down another of Aunt Doris's mince pies, and you need to clear your nasal passages of the smell of turkey for another year.
How exactly?
Join Gill and me for a post Christmas walk and to cleanse your soul and lungs. Well, until New Year's Eve anyway.
Why? We are climbing Kilimanjaro in February 2007 for our own crazy personal reasons (delve back into this blog's archives to read all about who we are, how the training has been going...and why Steve The Nephew is 7-2 against reaching the Kili summit), but also to raise money for a great charity called World Vision. Read here about why we think World Vision is such a good cause and here to find out exactly where any donations will go to.
Where does the walk start from? South Minster Cottage, Tuesley Lane, Godalming (click the address for location, but it's the 3rd house on the left after the Quartermile Road exit in Tuesley Lane leaving Godalming...look for a gravel driveway and some badly painted green garage doors).
When? Leaving at 10:30 am.
How far? A circular 10 miles...roughly.
Route? Godalming-->Hydons Ball-->Hascombe-->Wintershall-->Thorncombe Street-->Munstead-->Godalming. Beautiful countryside, few people and absolutely no turkeys.
Terrain? Varied, including woods, gentle hills, bridle paths, open fields. Gill and I walked the route today and it was a bit muddy in places after recent downpours...wear decent walking boots or wellies.
Timing? We're estimating a 2 hour stroll from Godalming to Hascombe in the morning, an hour for lunch, and a further 2 hours in the afternoon. Lunch at The White Horse in Hascombe. Chris Evans's local - he was there today, doing his great annual Christmas tree sell-off for local and national charities...and if there's any chance that you can mention World Vision and our sponsored walk on your radio programme, Chris, I'll buy you a couple of pints. And a turkey sandwich.
Bail out? If you want to just do the morning section then by all means get Aunt Doris to collect you at the pub. And if you miss the start but want to join us for the afternoon session, we should be at the pub from 12:30-1:30'ish. Somebody will surely give you a lift back to the pub at the end of the walk, if you're marooned.
The sales pitch? The original idea was that everyone who wants to join the walk asks 10 people to sponsor them £10 each, so that everyone conjures up £100 for the World Vision cause. But a little more realistically, especially after all that festive excess...any contributions are of course hugely welcome. Let us know if you'd like a sponsorship form.
Questions? Leave a comment at the bottom of this article or call us on 01483-424657
Interested? Let us that we can have a rough idea of numbers for the pub and in case we have to alert Surrey traffic police.
Not interested? Please mention our cause to anyone you know anyway, make online donations through this link here...and keep and eye on this blog to see if we come back alive from Kilimanjaro.


Blogger MRS M said...

For anyone who has walked with us before, we will try to walk a bit slower. Honestly!
It was a bit slippery out there yesterday, what with the mud and the leaves so, as Andy has already mentioned, please make sure you have suitable footwear. Even with my trusty walking boots I managed to take a tumble which Andy forgot to mention...

10:18 AM  
Blogger Andrew said...

Hardly a tumble, Mrs M...more an overbalancing (and probably as much to do with the excitement of seeing Chris Evans as the conditions)

1:32 PM  

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