Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Brother's Right To Reply

The article below talked about exactly where any funds raised for World Vision through our Kili efforts will go. I also mentioned that my brother Paul has been promising a generous donation but is keeping his powder dry for now...
We're currently at £8,100 with my (much older) brother Paul teasing us with promises of a very large donation, contingent upon Crystal Palace winning a football match. Could be a very long wait....
Well, he tried to post a response to my gentle goading but hasn't got Blogging Access to Kili50. In the interests of freedom of speech, fairness and brotherly love, here are his kind words...completely free of editorial intervention:
Hi Bloggers - it's the "slightly" older, but much better looking brother of Andy here (and father of Steve!). Having followed Andy's dream for nearly two years - and having the courage, but not unfortunately the knee ligaments, to join the trip, Carol and I are indeed going to greatly assist the coffers with a donation as promised. It is subject to one "personal finance condition" but happily it does not relate to any of our football or cricket teams winning! I hope to be able to confirm the amount prior to lift off but it will still leave a little amount required from a few donors to help Andy reach the target. So dig deep and help a most worthy cause.
There you go...still tantalising us, Bruv. Whatever and whenever you donate will be much appreciated. And I'm sure in no way a guilt-relieving gesture, as suggested by Steve, for not being with us. Hope the knee ligaments continue to improve on the golf course and through the support of your personal trainer...we'll be thinking of you as we stretch our bodies, minds and souls to the limits on Kili in just 2 weeks from now.


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