Saturday, December 30, 2006

Soggy Sponsored Surrey Stroll

Thanks to everyone who braved the angry elements to take part in the sponsored walk yesterday. 10'ish very wet and muddy miles from Godalming to Hascombe and back, via Thorncombe Street, in aid of World Vision.
We had a welcome baguette-and-chips break at The White Horse in Hascombe, otherwise it was a pretty grim struggle against incessant rain and festive excesses.
Helen & Malcolm, together with a sodden and stiled-out Corker, have already made a very generous donation, as have North Minster neighbours The Wares. Simon, Fi and Duncan walked; Jamie worked but still gave up even more of his hard earned cash; Fi's fair-weather sister Alison bailed out of the walk, made it to the pub...but still kindly donated to the World Vision cause.
Hopefully others will lodge any donations online through this link. In any event thanks also to Frances, David & Theresa, all the Ryan clan, Phil & Mike, and of course Neph#1 Steve for Doing The Walk.
And thanks also to Mrs M for another excellently designed and paced route. Definitely a would-be cartographer.


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