Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Final Countdown

This is it everyone...1 month today and we fly out to Kili International Airport in Tanzania, via Ethiopia's Addis Ababa.
No turning back now. We've paid the final invoice and the tickets should come through in the next few days. Pricks and layers are being sorted. $ being bought. Treadmills pounded. Brows knitted.
Excited? Nervous? Intrigued? All of the above...with a little dash of outright fear thrown in.
Almost 2 years since the initial idea. Over 1 year in the planning. Just 1 month to go. I wonder if it will live up to expectations...or be Just Another Mountain. Will we be so inspired that we're planning the next adventure before we're even back in Moshi....or thinking Bognor Regis is thrilling enough for future holidays.
Fundraising for World Vision has been tough going. Closing in on £5,000 and it would be great to get to the revised target of £10,000 by the time February 23rd rolls by. Either way, people have been incredibly generous and this level of donations is already significant to the people of Kisiriri in Tanzania, where the average annual income is about £70.
See you at Heathrow a month from now for our Awfully Big Adventure.


Blogger MRS M said...

Very good of you to organise the snow today. I shall go out and do some training....

9:21 AM  
Blogger MRS M said...

Heh, that's spooky...
You posted your blog at 9.21pm, and mine was 9.21am...

9:23 AM  

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