Monday, January 29, 2007

Jane's Gang

Remember the really muddy and soggy Surrey yomp Mrs M arranged for 29th December? Designed as a good way for people to work off those extra festive pounds and donate to World Vision for our Kili cause at the same time, it worked on all fronts. And the boots and gear have just about dried out now.....
Well, a business contact and friend of Mrs M's - Jane Henderson....tiler, Mum, interior designer, cyclist, walker, multitasking all-round superstar - couldn't make the 29th. But she went ahead and got together a huge group of her own friends for a great walk this Sunday just gone.
We kicked off at about 10:30 from Jane's home in sunny Elstead, and walked via Gatwick (hamlet, not airport), Cutmill ponds, The Donkey pub, Tilford village, Hankley and Elstead commons, getting back about 4. I reckon we covered about 8-9 miles at a fairly leisurely but decent pace, and spent a very happy hour or so scoffing huge butties down our deserving gobs at The Donkey.
The weather was beautifully un-January like, the day impeccably organised by Jane, the company very sociable and diverse, and - apart from Simon and me - female. Musician, airline pilot, interior designer, engineer, alternative therapist, name it, Jane's Gang had it covered. OK, there wasn't really a juggler, but definitely enough breadth of skill, knowledge and sociability to win a Mastermind-Jeux Sans Frontieres-Countdown team challenge by a distance.
Thanks for a great day, Jane, and for letting Gill, me and our neighbours Simon & Fi gate-crash.
All donations to World Vision would be hugely appreciated as we're running out of time before we head out to Kilimanjaro on February 23rd. Any donations can be made online by clicking the link Sponsor us here on the right hand side.
See a few pics of the day by clicking here.


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Hi Andrew,

My name's Chris Joint and I'm a reporter for the Farnham Herald. We've just picked up on this story from the BBC site and so I'm trying to get in contact with you.

If you or Steven could call me on 01252 899223 then that would be great.

Alternatively email me at

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