Thursday, February 22, 2007

We're going now....

....and unlike Scott, Oates and the gang we hope we make it back.

Follow our schedule here and we'll try and post a blog article as soon as we are back in Moshi, after our summit attempt on 1st March. It should be challenging, as an eye witness doing the climb this week (thanks for the insights, Bob) says there is more snow at the iconic summit than for the last 10 years. Bring it on.

The thermals, platypuses, poles, 4 season sleeping bags, and more drugs than you'll find on an average Friday night in Guildford High Street, are all packed. Too late to do any more training. Ethopian Airlines are calling. Tanzania and the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro...the waiting is over.

Thanks to everyone for their good luck wishes and cards. Your encouragement will put a spring in our steps, if not much needed oxygen in our blood. And many many thanks to all who have helped us raise more than £10,000 to start World Vision's life-changing water project in the Kisiriri community in Tanzania. Read more about what you've helped to do here...and if you stumble on this and haven't donated, the total needed is much more than £10,000 so please feel free to help out here.

Wow...we're really doing this.

The Kili 6


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