Sunday, March 04, 2007

It's Good To Be Back Home Again

Eszter & I are back home in Bristol, after a gruelling 21 hour journey, involving 6 changes of transport (minibus, plane, plane, coach, train, coach and taxi), and a seemingly interminable changeover at the infuriatingly disorganised & seriously dull Addis Ababa airport - never mind the gruelling 6 days climbing & decscending Kilimanjaro.

Arriving back home is always a cause for mixed feelings - sadness that the adventure & the experience of a lifetime is over, mingled with a realisation that we had to return to "reality" at some point, and a sense of comfort at being back in familiar surroundings.

Do we have reflections? More than a hall of mirrors. Were there high spots & low points? Sure there were - treasured highs (literally & metaphorically) and thankfully few low points which, whilst bad or sad at the time, were overcome, as we moved onwards and upwards. Overall, we're left with an over-riding memory of a phenomenal mountain, and a week or so happily, if exhaustingly, spent with a terrific bunch of people - group members and local porters & guides alike.

But the washing machine's ready for the second load so far, and I think the last dose of Imodium is wearing off. More to follow...


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