Saturday, March 03, 2007

Steve's First Bloggerisation

Why hello there!
I believe this is my first blog that i will have posted, and if you don't know me then apologies for the bad sppeling and shocking usage of grammer...
...Wow! Is what first springs to mind... As you may have gathered, Kili is quite a large hill poking its head proudly above the African clouds...
After 4 gruelling days of ascent we were faced with 8 hours of the most mind-boggling pain/exhaustion/up-hill struggle to reach Stella Point. Those who were in a fit state to do so somehow continued for a further hour to Uhuru Peak (Africa's highest point). I, with headache (yes, i'm about to start whingeing), nausia, shortness of breath, a heart rate of about 180 bpm and flashing spots/lights in my eyes, was advised to go down. I was a bit gutted that i couldn't go the extra hour to Uhuru but still pretty darn chuffed that I was able to officially conquer Africa's highest mountain.
Anywho, i have 5 minutes of Ethiopian time left on this amazing computer in this amazing amazing health. Must dash. Will write again soon, i promise! ...I have some photos to put up...
Hugs and kisses,
Steve xx


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