Monday, March 05, 2007

Andrew's Kili pics

Not quite as professional as Jon & Eszter's pics (see previous post and link) but my Kili pics are now online here:
Focus was on survival rather than snapping photos, so mine tend to be more of camps and rest spots than action pictures. Would have been great to record us all scrambling up the Barranco wall, or the head-torched procession on the final summit ascent, but my camera was safely tucked away in the rucksack as I concentrated on staying alive!
Regrettably all my 3 batteries froze on the summit, somewhere between Stella Point and Uhuru. But I did make it, trust me, and all the pain and joy of being on the crater rim is indelibly etched into my heart and mind. Fortunately, Jon returned to Uhuru with Eszter in a relationship-saving gesture and took some great photos. I hope others in the group will also have unforgettable shots that we can post here.
Photos are a great memory but I think all of us will remember every moment of the trip for a long time to come.....


Blogger Jon said...

Not quite as professional as Jon & Eszter's pics...

Phooey, yours are great! Jon

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